Nature’s Pace
by Rebecca Mclynn

Nature's Pace by Rebecca Mclynn

Exhibition Details:

Natures Pace – Rebecca McLynn solo show

Private Viewing 6-9pm on 11 October 2023


20 September – 29 October 2023

Artist Rebecca Mclynn

Rebecca Mclynn

Rebecca is an English artist, known for her oil paintings which evoke the sensibility of writers and poets of the British romantic tradition such as John Keats.

Inspired by ephemeral elements in nature, Rebecca’s expressive land and seascapes allude to brooding compositions of the Northern romantic tradition, including those of Casper David Friedrich.

Interested in exploring emotional responses to different settings in nature through painting, while still training as an artist, Rebecca reached out to established artists including landscape painter and writer Ian Mckeever. Such relationships have given strong impetus to Rebecca’s progression as an artist, deepening her understanding of the psychology of melancholy and enchantment.

Since completing her master’s degree in Fine Art at Wimbledon College of Art, and the birth of her three children, Rebecca has focused with intensity on her painting, building relationships with a handful of chosen galleries such as Fine Art Consultancy.