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Fine Art Consultancy is an established Art Promoter and Gallery in London and Tokyo. We are proud to be  recognised as one of the UK’s leading promoters of British and Japanese contemporary artists, moving easily between the two cultures.
Hamptons Fine Art Fair 2023

View and Buy directly from our latest gallery Hamptons Fine Art Fair featuring a selection of works from chosen gallery artists.

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Exciting art from British and Japanese contemporary artists.

Modern British


Great works from home-grown talented British artists.

Interactive Flip Books

Discover our latest flip books which showcase featured artists and and work we’ve recently placed with clients.
Ilaria Rosselli del Turco


Ilaria Rosselli Del Turco solo show

Liz Hough Artist


Liz Hough is a Cornish artist, best known for colourful abstract oil paintings around St. Ives.

Springtime Exhibition


An exhibition featuring Artists Yiching Chen and Sally Spens.

Vanessa Pooley Feature


We’ve crafted an in-depth flip book featuring profile and works of English sculptor, Vanessa Pooley

Artist Henry Walsh


Discover Artist Henry Walsh with our latest flip book

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FINE ART CONSULTANCY is established in London and Tokyo, are recognised as one of the UK’s leading promoters of British and Japanese contemporary artists, moving easily between the two cultures.

During recent years, Fine Art Consultancy has been exhibiting our boutique stable of artists successfully throughout the States, the UK, and in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore. Clients respond to the pared-down aesthetic and quality of these mid-career artists whose reputations continue to grow.

Over the past two decades, Fine Art Consultancy has also developed an expertise in Modern British work, especially printmaking, featuring artists such as Sandra Blow, Elisabeth Frink, John Piper and William Scott. We feature our Modern British work in exhibitions and specialist fairs in the UK.

All projects benefit from our company’s individual and independent approach. We are not dictated to by fashions or trends in art and have always kept away from any narrow definition of ‘Fine Art’ and the dichotomy of the Arts versus the Crafts.

We have many artists working for us in a multitude of media and have established long relationships with many of them yet we continue to add new talent from the UK and Japan to our books.

Fine Art Consultancy work closely with the client who might be an individual buying or commissioning work for their home or a design professional such as an architect or designer who is sourcing work on behalf of his client.

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