Born in 1964 in Japan, Yuko has lived in the UK since she was 20 and qualified as an architect in the 80’s at the Architectural Association and UCL in London. She worked as an architect in both the UK and Japan before concentrating on her career as an artist. Over the years she has perfected her technique with graphite working exclusively on paper and often on an unbelievable large scale. There is no other artist working exclusively with graphite in this way.

“Closing my eyes in a moment of quietness, I can see a waterscape in my mind. It is sometimes very dark and frightening. At other times, it is crystal clear with infinite expanse. It is my intention to express such water scenes in my work.”

Moriyama shows successfully in London and in Kyoto, Ibaraki and Tokyo in Japan. Her work has been featured in many publications and she has begun to receive acclaim. Her work is highly collectable and an undoubted investment.