Yiching has a Masters degree from of Kyoto City University of Arts, Japan and she’s a Professor of Nihon-ga at The Guimet National Museum of Asian Arts, Paris, France. She’s a member of the prestigious Foundation Taylor for Arts in Paris, France.

Born in 1975 CHEN Yi Ching is a Taiwanese painter currently living and working in Paris. She is best known for her large scale polyptychs. These multi-panelled screens depict contemporary landscapes garnished with explosions of blossoming flowers. Her other large works also derive their inspiration from nature using traditional Japanese painting techniques and materials.

CHEN Yi Ching is one of the rare contemporary Nihon-ga artists in Europe, who has lived in Japan and studied under renowned Japanese masters. Admitted to the faculty of Fine Art, at the Kyoto City University of Arts in 2002, she was a student of YAMAZAKI Takao, the distinguished master of the Nitten movement.

In 2003 she won the prestigious Grand Prize of the Shouhaku Museum with her painting entitled « Kabocha » (« Pumpkin »). Her talent and potential were recognised by UEMURA Atsushi, one of Japan’s great masters of Nihon-ga and she was awarded a studio and the opportunity to study under his guidance following her Master’s Degree. In 2004 she had her first solo show at the Nasic Square Gallery in Kyoto.

Greatly admiring the work of the late 19th century Impressionists, CHEN Yi Ching moved to France in 2004. She continues to develop her own artistic research and pedagogy in Paris where she has an established Nihon-ga atelier. She is the author of the first book in French on the practical technique and history of Nihon-ga ‘Découvrir la Peinture Nihon-ga, Art
Traditional Japonais’, published in September 2012 by Editions Eyrolles.

She is represented by D’Haudrecy Art Gallery, Knokke, Belgium; Gallery Artone, Tokyo, Japan and by Fine Art Consultancy in London and the United States who have placed her work in private and public collections throughout the world.