Educated at Harrow College of Art and Ealing College in London in the late 1970’s, KAREN LYNN has a degree in fashion and a degree in painting and mixed media.

Lynn had a successful career with the English National Opera in the costume department as assistant designer and senior buyer. She also worked at LWT (London Weekend Television) as a set designer before concentrating on her painting career.

She has been showing throughout the UK and more recently internationally with Fine Art Consultancy. Her intricately observed paintings of people, each with their individual look, are Lynn’s chance to look away from the set and back at the audience which is what truly fascinates her. She also creates ‘Set like’ eerily still landscapes which have a somewhat surreal quality.

“I have been a figurative painter for some years and love to paint people, fashion, exteriors of architecturally interesting buildings and landscapes.  I work in oils and have distinctive style, no matter what I paint.

My work is thematic and I am attracted to and revisit time and time again my favourite subjects, including crowds, audiences, populated spaces and landscapes.  All painted with a stylist’s eye for colour and imagery.

A fascination with ‘non-uniform uniformity’, that is to say enticing the viewer, at first to be attracted by the repetition of objects (people, trees, buildings) in a scene but on closer inspection inviting them to notice and compare discernible difference, moving the eye through the pictorial space”.