Born 1966, London UK. Daisy Cook is almost completely self-taught. Her lyrical paintings are abstracted landscapes and the inspirations for many of her recent canvases are the large expanses of beach to be found on the North Norfolk coast.

The paintings successfully capture the tranquillity of the area, but at the same time evokes the drama that lies beyond in the North Sea. Daisy uses oil paints that have been thinned down, and applies the paint in glazes across the canvas. Rather like a water-colourist, this allows the colours to bleed and run, creating an element of chance in the painting process. Despite the muted tonality, the paintings contain a surprising range of colours. The paintings are executed using thick stretchers, and are unframed, leaving the composition (like the landscapes they are derived from) unconstrained.

Daisy has regular one person shows in London and she shows and is collected throughout the world.