Artists / Vanessa Pooley

A Sculptor who has become known for her curvy female forms and most recently her series of bronzes celebrating motherhood as mothers embrace their children. The organic forms emerge from the lumps of clay that she models, often working on a group of figures at once she selects just a few to cast in bronze. In the past Pooley has felt, as a figurative sculptor, she was never fashionable but her confidence has grown with her popularity.

“Now I feel life is too short to worry about what other people think. I just want to get on with it.

On her curvy female forms: “Men are such a terrible shape! They aren’t curvy. I just like shapes that work, with curves flowing into curves!’

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Vanessa Pooley 'Jiggilypuff' in the Garden Vanessa Pooley 'Jiggilypuff' back view
Vanessa Pooley 'Jigglepuff' Bronze Vanessa Pooley 'Mother & Child' (with flared hair)
Vanessa Pooley 'Sweet Pea' Bronze Vanessa Pooley Staryu
Vanessa Pooley 'The River' Vanessa Pooley 'The Voice ' & 'River'
Vanessa Pooley 'Touch Bottom' Ceramic for Bronze  

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