Born 1979, Grimsby, UK, Bland has a BA and MA in painting from Christchurch University, Canterbury. A fine painter,  in his relatively short career he has won many painting awards including ‘The Winsor & Newton Oil Painters Awards’ 2013 (1st prize winner) and ‘The Threadneedle Painting Prize’ in 2014. He shows extensively in Europe and is collected throughout the world. Most recently he has been elected a member of the New English Arts Club in London.

‘My work incorporates diverse approaches to style and subject but is grounded in the practice of drawing and painting from life. My aim is always to find something surprising in the subject.

Though some of my paintings are done quickly, most spend a long time in the studio looking for the right element, pose or composition. They’ll be cut down, re-stretched, scraped back and painted over while I’m trying to work out what they need; some kind of surprise seems essential’.