Born in 1970 in England the painter lives and works in the UK. She has exhibited throughout the UK in selected shows and has recently joined Fine Art Consultancy’s stable of artists and was featured in their summer show at the Basement Gallery rooms in North London. McKenna has obtained her BA and MA in Fashion from Central Saint Martins College of Art in London and has been featured recently in the publications ‘State Magazine’ and ‘Dazed and Confused Magazine’. She recently showed her work at the ‘Other Fair’ in London and her work was highlighted by many of the media who covered the fair in their publications.

“My practice often works within the narrative of transformation as an artist and individual. I try to create a sense of space and energy in the drawing or painting and this process connects me to an energy in me and outside of me. I love marking the paper or canvas and the physicality of painting on a large canvas and moving the paint. I use pencil marks to express extensions of space, weight and movement, defining the end to a painting and anointing the work with a finishing touch in graphite. For me, painting, drawing and sculpture are consecrated actions and their creation is an initiation. I consider the process of making art as magical…”